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COVID-19 Update for Support Groups

Due to the current circumstances surrounding the COVID-19 outbreak, our support group meetings will be held online only on the first Thursday of each month from 6-7pm. For more information please feel free to give us a call at (662) 377- SLIM (7546)

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Weight Loss Support Group

The Weight Loss Support Group meets on the first Thursday of each month from 6 - 7pm at the NMMC Wellness Center, 1030 S. Madison. Support group meetings are free, but participants may call (662) 377-SLIM (377-7546) or 1-866-908-9465 for more information. The group provides education and emotional support for patients who are considering or have had bariatric surgery. Attendance at one Weight Loss Support Group meeting is required prior to bariatric surgery. This meeting can be attended in person or online.

Upcoming Weight Loss Support Group Meetings

For your convenience, we now offer online support groups. Attend a meeting as it is streamed lived from the comfort of your home.
Online support group events

North Mississippi Medical Center has been accredited by MBSAQIP as a Comprehensive Center. The Bariatric Center is also designated as an Accredited Center by the Metabolic and Bariatric Surgery Accreditation and Quality Improvement Program and is recognized in the Optum Centers of Excellence Network.  Due to this recognition, weight loss surgery at NMMC is covered by more health plans, including those for teachers, state employees and many offered by employers. So, check your health plan benefits, talk to your doctor and weigh your options.

Emotion, Behavior and Weight Management

Thursday, October 1, 2020

Online Courses

Upcoming Meetings

Meetings will be ONLINE only

January 7
Obesity and Sleep Apnea
Stevie Crane, RPSGT

February 4
Stress Management and Emotional Eating
Valerie Fields, LPC, CEAP

March 4
Exercising before and after Weight Loss Surgery
Wellness Center Staff             

April 1
Nutritional Advice for Bariatric Patients
Ginger Mark, RD, CDE

May 6
Ask the Surgeon, Part 1
Dr. Terry Pinson, MD

June 3
Emotion, Behaviors, & Weight Management
Dr. John Young 

July 1
Primary Care after Bariatric Surgery
Dr. Vernon Rayford, MD

August 5
Personal Testimonies and Living Ads
Vivian Rogers, DNP, NP-C

September 2
Bariatric Surgery from a Primary Care Perspective
Dr. Bonnie Basler, MD RHIA

October 7
Ask the Surgeon, Part 2
Dr. Will Cauthen

November 4
Men are from Mars & Women are from Venus
Dr. Marilyn Hopkins 

December 2
Healthy Holiday Food Options
Bariatric Center Staff

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Note: One Support Group must be attended prior to scheduling your surgery date.

Patient Testimonials

Patricia Howell has lost 154 lbs since her sleeve gastrectomy last year, and could not be more pleased with the results. “I can move around so much easier now, I have way more energy and have become much more social,” she says. Prior to her surgery, Patricia suffered from fatty liver disease, as well as high blood pressure and joint pain, but reports that those are a thing of the past. “I no longer have any high blood pressure or joint pain,” says Patricia. “You have to put in the work to enjoy the benefits of this procedure,” she says, “but it is so worth it.”

patricia howell

Jonathan “Shay” Guess of Mantachie has lost 126 pounds since having weight loss surgery in August 2018. When he tipped the scales at 328 pounds, Shay suffered from high blood pressure, high cholesterol, sleep apnea, fatigue and joint pain. Since losing weight, his blood pressure and cholesterol are back to normal, he no longer needs a CPAP device for sleep apnea, and he has more energy. Now he’s exercising three days a week and sleeps much better. “It is a journey,” Shay said, “As long as you follow the process and plan, you will be successful and proud you did it!”

Jonathan “Shay” Guess

Penny Myers is from Houston and came to NMMC Bariatric Center suffering with migraine headaches, knee pain/swelling, chronic fatigue, and hyperlipidemia. She underwent a sleeve gastrectomy in August of 2018 and has since lost over 90lbs. Penny tells us that she hasn’t had a migraine since her surgery. “I have decreased my cholesterol and do not need mediation any more. I am more active and have a healthier outlook about my body” she says.

“Due to knee pain and swelling I was very sedentary. Now, you will find me at spin class at least 2 times a week, if not more! I would highly recommend this procedure. Look at me, I’m 44. Put your health first. It’s never too late to make a life change.”

penny myers

Alicia Weaver of Walnut has lost 101 pounds since having weight loss surgery in July 2018. When she weighed 292 pounds, Alicia struggled with diabetes and joint pain. “Losing the weight and eating healthy made everything better,” Alicia says. “My joint pain is gone and blood sugars are normal.” Even better is the increase in energy. “The No. 1 thing is that I am able to play with my kids outside!” she says.

Alicia Weaver

Julie Henson form Pontotoc, TN suffered with fibromyalgia and diabetes prior to her surgery, but reports that all her symptoms have improved since the gastrectomy in 2016. Julie lost over 115 lbs thanks to her sleeve and says the best advice she can give to others looking to improve their lives with a sleeve gastrectomy or other procedure is to “stay committed to the plan”.

Julie Henson

Racheal “Hope” Warren from Pontotoc, TN says that she has so much more energy since her surgery. Before her sleeve gastrectomy, Hope suffered with bouts of depression, a lack of energy, joint pain and sleep apnea, which compounded her feeling of always being tired. She says that losing 145lbs has greatly improved her life and she feels like she has a new start. “I would tell anybody contemplating this procedure to just Do IT!” she said. “I have so much more energy and no more joint pain.”

Racheal Warren

Amanda Moore of Tupelo has lost 85 pounds since having weight loss surgery in August 2018. When she weighed 240 pounds, Amanda struggled with many health issues, including high blood pressure, sleep apnea, low back pain, shortness of breath, low energy, depression, high cholesterol and acid reflux. Since losing weight, all her health issues have resolved, and she can finally get a full night’s rest, walk longer than 20 minutes without getting winded and has joined a gym. “Think about your health. Think about your family, but most importantly, think about YOU!” Amanda says. “You’re worth a long, happy and healthy life!”

Amanda Moore
Monica Lindsey of Baldwyn has lost 109 pounds since her surgery.
What was your highest weight before surgery? 288
What health problems did you encounter because of the extra weight (high blood pressure, diabetes, joint pain, etc.)? Sleep apnea, back pain, high blood pressure, and swelling in hand and legs
What type of surgery did you have and when? Sleeve gastrectomy
How much weight have you lost? 109
How have your health problems resolved? I’m off CPAP. Off my diabetes medications. I have been able to cut blood pressure medication in half.
How has your quality of life improved… what can you do now that you couldn’t do before? I can walk without getting out of breath. I’m more active-play basketball with my kids, ride my horse and can get on that horse without any help!
What would you say to someone who is contemplating weight loss surgery? Do it! Best decision you will ever make!
Monica Lindsey

Belva Pucket - High blood pressure, painful acid reflux and gout were the main reasons Belva Pucket sought treatment from Dr. Pinson at NMMC Bariatric Center. Since her surgery last year, Belva, who goes by Teresa has lost over 103 lbs and says that now she can walk without becoming short of breath, climb stairs without difficulty, and her balance is much better. She also admits that she can chase her grandchildren again, and is able to keep up with them.

Teresa came to us from Luca, TN and says that for her, the decision to get the sleeve gastrectomy was the right choice. She adds, “I had to dedicate myself to a change in lifestyle and eating habits that will be mine for the rest of my life. It wasn’t easy, but I am so thankful that I had this surgery and I am thankful for Dr. Pinson and his entire staff.

Belva Pucket

Patti Morrison of Nettleton has lost 88 pounds since having weight loss surgery at North Mississippi Medical Center in October 2017. When she weighed 250 pounds, Patti suffered from joint pain and had trouble walking, doing housework or working outside. Now she can breathe better, spend quality time with her “grands,” walk—even on a sandy beach—and do much more for herself. To anyone considering weight loss surgery, Patti urges: “Do it! You will be happy you ‘did it!’”

Patti Morrison

Diane Floyd is from Guntown, MS and has not only lost over 100lbs since her sleeve gastrectomy last year, but thanks to the pre-op process was diagnosed, and subsequently treated for stomach cancer. Today, she is not only in remission, but feels like she has a new lease on life that includes walking for miles and climbing stairs like a kid again. Prior to her surgery, Diane suffered with High blood pressure, joint pain, sleep apnea, thyroid disorder, borderline diabetes and knee pain. Today, she is pain and suffering free and off all her medications. When asked whether she would recommend the surgery to another, Diane answered, “Don’t wait another minute. Not only has it changed my life forever, the pre-op process saved my life!”

Diane Floyd

Lajuan Lauderdale of Booneville has lost 117 pounds since having weight loss surgery in September 2018. At her heaviest, Lajuan suffered from high blood pressure, joint pain and fatigue—all of which have resolved since losing weight. “I can squat and bend now, where when I was heavier that wasn’t something that I could do,” she said. To anyone considering weight loss surgery, Lajuan urges, “Don’t put it off!”

Lajuan Lauderdale

Lindsay Clemons of Columbus has lost 112 pounds since having weight loss surgery in July 2018 at North Mississippi Medical Center. When she weighed 290 pounds, Lindsay struggled with high blood pressure, high cholesterol, joint pain, low back pain, fatigue and depression. Since losing weight, Lindsay’s health issues have resolved, and she can do so much more than before. “I recently hiked Table Mountain in Cape Town. Travel is easier, and exercise feels good,” she said. “My quality of life has improved, and every facet of life is better!” To anyone considering weight loss surgery, Lindsay urges, “Do it! It will literally save your life, but it will also give you life!”

Lindsay Clemons

Charlene Cooke of Columbus has lost 100 pounds since having weight loss surgery in May 2018. When she weighed 267 pounds, Charlene was always tired and struggled with joint pain and asthma. Since losing weight, she feels much better and has more energy. “I can keep up with my kids and my job as a nurse without needing breaks all the time,” she says. “It’s the BEST decision I ever made for my health. As long as you are fully committed to the life changes, then it is the best tool ever!”

Charlene Cooke