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By selecting NMMC for bariatric surgery, you are choosing:

  • A facility accredited by MBSAQIP as a Comprehensive Center.
  • A facility whose surgeons successfully perform more than 2,000 laparoscopic procedures every year.
  • A facility in which the Bariatric Center is a special unit solely dedicated to the care of bariatric surgery patients. Our expert team of physicians, nurses, psychologists, dietitians, exercise physiologists and physical therapists work together toward a common goal-your good health.
  • A 650-bed regional referral center that holds the distinction of being the largest hospital in Mississippi and the largest non-metropolitan hospital in America. NMMC serves more than 700,000 people in 24 counties in north Mississippi, northwest Alabama and portions of Tennessee.
  • The only healthcare organization to receive the Malcolm Baldrige National Quality Award in 2006. Because of its innovative practices, commitment to excellence and outstanding results, this organization is among America's best and is considered by many as a role model for any organization striving for world-class performance. NMMC's parent organization, North Mississippi Health Services, won the Malcolm Baldrige National Quality Award in 2012.
  • A facility that is recognized by the Optum Centers of Excellence network.

Success Gallery

Penny Myers

1 year post op - 90lbs

Jonathan "Shay" Guess

1 year post op - 160lbs

Kim Thompson

2 years post op - 130lbs

Belva Teresa Puckett

1 year post op - 103lbs

Julie Henson

3 years post op - 115lbs

Monica Lindsey


Patti Morrison

2 years post op - 88lbs

Racheal Hope Edwards

3 years post op - 145lbs

Mary Walker

7 years post op - 65lbs

Ricky Posey

9 months post op - 225lbs

Jessica Rahim

18 months post op - 190lbs

Tracy Bowen

down 100lbs

Tim Jewell

down 96lbs

Terrica Houston

down 59lbs

Renita Ware

down 90lbs

Michelle Montgomery

down 83lbs

Lisha Williams

down 75lbs

Jackie Jones

down 132lbs

Cherec Sims

down 120lbs

Kathy Digby

18 months post op - 60lbs

James Mason

11 months post op - 118lbs

Donna Warren

6 months post op - 72.8lbs and at goal BMI

Jana Parker

1 year post op - 94.1lbs

Donna Schmitz

1 year post op - 97lbs

Angela Huddleston

1 year post op - 107lbs

Frances Kennamore

1 year post op - 87lbs

Sharon Chaney

9 months post op - 83lbs

Alyssa Steria

1 year post op - 150lbs

Donna Harris

1 year post op - 173lbs

Jennifer Stroupe

1 year post op - 113lbs

Kenneth Hanks

1 year post op - 116lbs

Layle Ellis

2 year post op - 184lbs

Casey Raper

9 months post op - 180lbs

Robin Tindall

2 years post op - 162lbs

Leah Stanford

5 years post op - 112lbs

Summer Bradley

1 year post op - 95lbs

Lee Kelso

4 years post op - 109lbs

Katelin Wallace

18 months post op - 134lbs

Crystal Rutland

1 year post op - 117lbs

Rebecca Settle

1 year post op - 134lbs